Tom Bicak is known as creative force in Idaho outdoor recreation, recently as an artist. His father was an architect, so never ending blueprints and red pencils kept him, as a child, drawing while his mother looked after his two younger brothers. Tom pursued an academic career in ethology and physiology in the 1970s and 80s. In 1989, he took the opportunity to create Celebration Park, Idaho’s only Archaeological Park. Tom created parks, large scale educational programs and coalitions that changed the way many people recreate in Idaho. Among his accomplishments are Celebration Park, acquiring and rehabilitating the Historic Guffey Bridge, spawning The Idaho Oregon Snake River Water Trail, the establishment of the Desert Studies Institute at BSU, Map Rock acquisition, rescuing the Idaho Cupule Stone, creating the Crossroads Transportation Museum, and assembling the Canyon County Historic Preservation Commission. Now, Tom’s art is his primary focus.