It’s a hollow life living without a passion, so thankfully Sid Enck Jr. has many. As a self taught artist with his hands in many mediums, dedication and drive feed into each craft. His hand drawn and hand sewn artworks are refined in design after years of experimenting. Mixing thread, paint, and canvas with a texture you can touch. ceramics is his next big passion that he has been pursuing the last few years.
Part Choctaw Indian, Sid’s creations keep his heritage in mind. He has created his own artistic rituals inspired by civilizations of the past and shares them with his sacred tribe. He is deeply rooted in the inheritance of his culture while simultaneously giving it a current influence. Like his ancestors Sid likes to keep moving. Van life fits his nomadic ways, minimalist lifestyle, and allows him to show his work throughout the United States. He has now resided in Boise meeting a family of artist and calling Idaho his home..