Riley Anne Johnson is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Boise, ID. Though she studied chemistry throughout most of school, her background in piano and longtime interest in being a musician came to fruition in 2015, when she bought her first keyboard and began playing in various Boise bands including The Western Mystics, Jonn E. Combat, Tispur, and Regular Sounds. She performed as a keyboardist for BCT’s production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Good Bitch Goes Down, and recently composed and recorded the music for their production of With Love and a Major Organ. She also worked on Migration Theory’s project Small Matters, creating a live score through improvised play with harp and accordion. She fell in love with the harp in 2016, using the instrument to begin writing for her first solo project, Wend. She began composing in 2018, writing out parts for her songs to be accompanied by strings players from the Boise Philharmonic, guitar, drums, bass, keys, and clarinet.