I am intrigued by the intersections of art, science and spirit. Where biology meets the alchemy of human experience. I explore the transformative effect of specific moments and locations. How we perceive and reconcile our surroundings is neurological, individual and spiritual. Our moments are both temporal and ethereal, and we are the intermediary. We imprint them, and they in turn, shape us.
I approach specific locations from both scientific and personal, experiential methods. Recently I’ve focused on geologically significant locations in Idaho, Iceland, Sweden and Norway. I gather site-specific photographs, samples for my microscope, direct surface monotypes, drawings, sound recordings and mapping. I integrate these with encaustic, printmaking, thread, gold leaf, watercolor, ink, graphite, oil and neopastel. The imagery used connects my observation of time, place, and process with natural patterns, biological structures and functions, DNA and aerial mapping, cosmos and topography.