Lila Streicher grew up in the mildly sketchy neighborhood of Pennsauken, New Jersey. She was given her first camera (a Kodak using 110mm film) when she was 7 years old. For the next 10 years she tinkered with photography until, at 17, she started to take the craft more seriously. Streicher continued trying to hone her skills in photography and, after appearing in a couple of camera assistant roles on various film projects, discovered a love/hate relationship with filmmaking. Visual art has been the main passion in Streicher’s life, finding freedom behind the lens; it helped her see more clearly. In her work, Streicher works at catching that perfect moment where all the pieces come together, in balance, to complete an image. Within the last several years, Streicher has completed many of her own passion project, shown in a small LA gallery, was given the opportunity to DP her first feature (A Black Rift Begins to Yawn), and collaborated with many other amazing artists.