Probst’s work is basically an exploration of hard-edge abstraction. Leaning toward minimalism, she finds satisfaction in paring down her compositions. The bends and folds of recent work are reminiscent of Origami. Probst considers how light reflects off surfaces and uses value to create a structural impression.

Her work has been in solo and group exhibits in venues across the US including; the Schweinfurth Art Center, the Whistler House Art Museum, the Carnegie Center for Art and History and Visions Art Museum. In downtown Boise, Probst has 2 traffic box installations and her artwork is included in the Boise Visual Chronicle collection.

Prior to working as an artist, Probst directed an non-profit Forestry Association in upstate New York and also spent time teaching high school math in Colorado. She works out of her home studio in Eagle, ID where she enjoys white water rafting and mountain biking with her husband and 2 sons.