Creativity has always been an integral part of Kathi Holzer’s life. She has mostly resided in the northwest, calling Jackson Hole, WY home for 32 of those years. Her love of the outdoors helped her discover a need to become an artist in the visual sense, putting paintbrush and pencil to paper and canvas.

After retiring from teaching, Kathi and her husband of 40 years, moved to Boise in 2012. Retirement has allowed Kathi the time to paint, draw and create almost daily! Kathi has discovered that her “ikigai” or purpose in life is to create beautiful and interesting pieces of art to share with friends and family. She is leaning towards pastels in a mixed media format; however, experimentation and learning are still at the core of her evolution as an artist. The fact that her career as an educator was to encourage lifelong learning, Kathi is thrilled to be a role model of this philosophy.