The Idaho Statesman newspaper crowned John Hansen the “Dean of Acoustic Music.” The Idaho State Journal called him “one of the finest contemporary musicians in Idaho.” His playing has been labeled “brilliant, dazzling, and squeaky clean” by Frets Magazine. John has picked and sung his way around Idaho and around the Northwest for over 40 years. Idaho Statesman music critic Norman Weinstein said that John’s technical wizardry at guitar playing consistently wowed him. His music was described by Statesman reporter, Holly Franko as, “a bit of blues, a lot of folk and country with a smidge of jazz influence and a lot of flatpicking. But he plays it all like a master.” In the liner notes for his album, The Path of Least Resistance, Rosalie Sorrels wrote: “Being a solo act in a good watering hole is, no joke, hard work. John has done it for years. In fact, he’s one of the hardest working musicians I know and one of the most generous. But instead of burning out, he just burns brighter.”