Daisy Rain Martin is an author, speaker, advocate, and educator. She lives with her husband Sean in this beautiful state of Idaho and teaches English and Literature during the school year to the best 7th graders the world over. Daisy spends her summers writing, speaking, researching, creating, gardening, and canning. Daisy has written three books in her advocacy series. Her first book “Juxtaposed” was Christopher Matthews #1 top selling author in 2012, a comedic-spiritual memoir chronicling her journey out of an uber-fundie, religious, abusive home. Her second book, “Hope Givers” debuted in 2016, a companion book for “Juxtaposed”. Her third book “Monsters Under the Bed: Practical Steps for Keeping Our Children Safe from Sexual Predators” has been her most successful book to date. Daisy’s SATURDAISIES blog, which is in its twelfth year, addresses a plethora of current issues including child advocacy, all things hilarious, and matters of the heart.