Carolyn Maria Bevington, a proud Chicana-Anglo, was born 10:48 p.m.on March 11, 1966, near East Los Angeles, California to loving parents Jack and Teresa. Raised in Chicagoland, Illinois with her sister Jen and brothers Geoff and Chris, she ventured west to Idaho to earn her BSW in Social Work.

She enjoys her vocation as an in-home caregiver and her life’s dance card continues to include creating mixed media art and music as a part-time accordionist. However, Poetry remains the force she clings to and works on with all of her craft
spirit, weakness and fortitude.

She is twice the recipient of the Boise State Grace Jordan Poetry and the BSU Women’s Center Student Humanitarian Award and United Vision for Idaho named her 2002 Human Rights Leader of the Year . In 2017 she performed her poetry at the Death Rattle Writer’s Conference and read as a featured poet for the conference’s series, The Spill. She recently served as a judge for the 2018 Idaho Scholastic Writing Awards.