Growing up in the Northwest corner of CT, art was my biggest passion, in and out of school. Graduating from high school with the Art Award, I went on to earn my BFA in CO where I would study every medium and technique that was offered. I studied abroad in Australia where I gained more knowledge about glasswork and jewelry. My passion to create from found objects and reclaimed materials came to light towards the end of my college career; finishing with a focus in sculpture, my BFA show consisted of a large installation made from dryer lint and scrap material found in the shop. After college, I moved to CA where I worked for a public sculptor creating large steel and fused glass works. During this time I transitioned to work in a Blacksmith shop and then for a jeweler. The skills and knowledge I gained over the years have brought me to where I am today. I have my own working studio and storefront in Garden City where I get to create and open up to other artists, it is quite a dream.