Andrea Sparrow has been working as an artist for 25 years and has traveled extensively all over the world. She is inspired by natural forms and pattern, seeking places where the human footprint is absent or fading. After graduating from Sonoma State University with a BFA in metal and ceramic sculpture, Andrea pursued several mediums, eventually settling on encaustic painting and photography as her primary means of expression. She also began to focus more on how humans impact the earth in terms of altering its surface and climate change. In 2006, she began a series of paintings titled “Endangered Spaces” from satellite images of places deeply impacted by human activity like the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan. For the past three years, Andrea has been working on a project titled “Into the Delta”, finding places, particularly in the Arctic, that currently are or soon will be affected by climate change. The next subject of this series is the Colorado River, from the the head waters to the Delta.