The Alexa Rose Foundation furthers the creative work of individual artists through grants and fellowships, strengthening the cultural environment of the Boise Valley and benefiting the community at large.

Alexa Rose and Ken Howell envisioned a foundation that would provide grants to artists interested in furthering their creative work. Alexa Rose Howell, who passed away in 2013, believed strongly in the value of the arts and humanities. She was a painter herself, founded an art gallery for emerging and established artists, and was an active member of Boise’s cultural community. Ken Howell has created this foundation, in her name, that realizes their joint vision.

The Alexa Rose Foundation funds individuals in the visual, performing and literary arts – not organizations. By funding people, the foundation provides substantial impact on the lives of creative citizens, giving them access to the catalytic experiences and skills they need to develop as artists and as people.

The Alexa Rose Foundation provides funding to individual artists of all disciplines with the goals of:

  1. Encouraging artists to continue to advance creatively
  2. Investing in the skills artists need to do challenging creative work
  3. Providing resources artists need to develop as professionals in a local, regional and national context.

In future years the Foundation intends to evolve its grant-making activities to impact the greater cultural environment of the community by encouraging creative advancement in all artistic disciplines with the goals of:

  1. Encouraging significant creative cultural advances in the Boise Valley and beyond
  2. Increasing the quality of work produced by local artists
  3. Rewarding individuals’ dedication and commitment to the arts in the area
  4. Fostering dynamic relationships between creative professionals
  5. Seeding the cultural environment, thus promoting broad growth and development